Cultural Correspondence.

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My name is Lisa Kisch and I am creating this penpal site because I believe in corresponding as a way to make life long friendships. I have been writing to people all over the world for about 4 years now, and I'm happy to say that some of my closest friends are those that I met from perusing sites just like this one! I hope that through this site you will meet some people who will enrich your life the way my friends have enriched mine.

I have learned so much about the world from my pals-- about places I have visited, and places I will likely never see. I think that by corresponding with people from different countries we broaden our ideas on the world, we build tolerance, and we learn just how much we have in common with someone in a country we previously thought so different from our own.

My hope is that my pals, and their pals, and their pals and so on... will all post their ads on this site, so that you all can meet each other and find more friends!
Cultural Keepsakes
Short bits of cultural information that our members have submitted to help us learn about their home. This is what sets us apart, and what our members consistently tell us is the best part of the site!
Create a Keepsake
A quick questionnaire that will help you create your own Keepsake so that you can share your culture with others. You can also e-mail us your keepsakes at any time.
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Divided by continent, this form will help you create a great penpal ad.
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Also divided by continent, this section allows you to browse ads by choosing what corner of the world you would like your new friend to be from!
Penpal Links
Some of my favourite penpalling websites
Please note that this page is for penpalling only. This is not a dating service. Any ads that refer to dating or marriage will not be posted. Any ads with coarse language or inappropriate content will not be posted. Please do not contact anyone on this site if your aim is any sort of romantic involvement!

Please, no prisoners.
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